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[13 Jul 2009|11:17pm]
it’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song. you can’t believe it, you were always singing along. it was so easy and the words so sweet. you can’t remember, you try to feel the beat.


[31 Dec 2008|12:22pm]
welcome 2009. i am looking forward to you.

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[21 Dec 2008|08:10pm]
there are a lot of things i want to say, but i can't get any of them out.


[09 Dec 2008|08:03pm]
i don't even remember what it feels like to be in love.

i looked at photos today of me & deyoe to see if i could remember what it was like.

i couldn't.

if i've learned anything from this ordeal with alex, it's that i want to be in love again. which is good, i suppose, since i wanted anything BUT that after deyoe.

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[11 Nov 2008|05:29pm]
single (again).

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[02 Oct 2008|11:53am]
so, as of october 20th, i will no longer be working for HBO films. i'll be working with kurt at modern feed. (www.modernfeed.com)

i'm excited about it. it'll be a raise, with benefits. i'll have my own computer even!

leaving HBO is bittersweet, but i really do think that this is the right decision for me.


[26 Sep 2008|01:46pm]
fingers crossed.


[15 Sep 2008|03:46pm]

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[11 Sep 2008|01:45pm]

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[09 Sep 2008|04:29pm]


[05 Sep 2008|03:20pm]
happy almost year anniversary, straight bangs.

i can't envision my life without you.

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[27 Aug 2008|10:12am]

back to school time reminds me of one thing, & only one thing.

i miss learning.

oh yeah, & i love buying school supplies. but that's decidedly less important.

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[26 Aug 2008|10:18pm]

we're trying something new.



[19 Aug 2008|11:54am]

so i rolled into work this morning blasting PAPILLON by the airborne toxic event.
yesterday was YOU GET YOURS by bright eyes/britt daniel - no wonder i was in a weird mood all day.

do yourself a favour & watch this.

also, i can't stop listening to the black kids. if you don't already own PARTIE TRAUMATIC, i suggest you do yourself another favour & acquire a copy. every song on this damn album is a fucking gem. i highly recommend HIT THE HEARTBRAKES & I'M NOT GONNA TEACH YOUR BOYFRIEND HOW TO DANCE WITH YOU.

i think my new life goal is to listen to as much new music as possible. new album every few days? every week? i don't know what's possible.

i usually do this thing where i listen to the same album over & over & over again until i never want to hear it again. this isn't working for me anymore.

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SnagFilms Film Widget [17 Jul 2008|06:59pm]


[14 Jul 2008|12:56pm]
so friday night i ended up waiting in line at the apple store in pasadena for 5 and a half hours.

but i went home with an iphone! & it's amazing!

but, this means that i have a new phone number (i already miss my boston one! :( )

if you need the number, let me know!


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[13 Jun 2008|11:53am]
last night i bought plane tickets to go visit meredith in rome over thanksgiving. i'll have five full days with her in ROME!

& she may be visiting LA in july!

& other good things are going on that i don't want to write about in here!

my life is so exciting right now!


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[13 May 2008|03:19pm]
i'm so poor.

i almost feel like i should get a retail job on the weekends. is it even possible to get a job if i'm only available on the weekends?

real life is so difficult sometimes.

looking for a new apartment is not easy when you can't afford any of them.

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[24 Apr 2008|04:00pm]
i love guys with beards

& i just wrote my last rent check for 2772 estara, which has been my home for a year and a half

& i'm psyched about life

& i miss my dog.

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[18 Apr 2008|10:56am]
for some reason, i lately decided it would be a good idea to blow loads of money.

shopping on the internetz is dangerousCollapse )

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